Production Process Of White Quartz Countertops

Production process of White Quartz Countertops

White Quartz Countertops is a cabinet table made of quartzite.Quartz countertops are made from broken glass and quartz sand.The advantages of quartz stone are wear-resistant and not afraid to scratch, heat resistant to large areas of the wall, making various kitchen counters, seamless and durable.
Quartz is a very stable mineral resource with both physical and chemical properties. White Quartz Countertops is one of the quartz stone. Quartz stone is a kind of abbreviation for the sheet material produced by shi yingshi board, which is called quartzite because of its quartz content of more than 94 %.
Production process of White Quartz Countertops:
1.    Raw material collection: the purchase of raw materials such as glass, quartz and resin.

2.    Material selection: remove impurities and iron scraps from the granule raw materials by using fan, iron removal equipment and manual selection.

3.    Ingredients: when the material is finished, transport the material into the mixing system.The material is fully mixed in the non-gravity mixer, and the material color difference and the particle inhomogeneity are eliminated.After the mixture is finished, it is delivered to the corresponding material bin, which is automatically used by the batching system during production.

4.    Stirring: mixing unsaturated polyester resin, pigment, auxiliaries and granule powder.
5.    Cloth: mix the mixing material by conveying the belt, into the cloth in the car, and the cloth will be evenly distributed into the cloth mould frame.

6.   Vacuum high frequency vibration pressure plate: after the material is finished, it is transmitted to the compressor equipment, and the vibration is suppressed under the vacuum condition of -0.1 MPa.

7.  Finished Product.